Want more interaction?

If you are interested in interacting with me, the place I do most of my teaching is on Tango With Horses Online where I collaborate with Andrea Datz, the founder of Tango.


Andrea, Kim Walnes, and I co-host a vibrant, free, and expanding online community. The focus is on our relationships with horses since that is our shared passion, and what we offer supports your personal evolution in all of your relationships.




Tango with Horses is an invitation to embrace slow horsemanship. Slow horsemanship is a call to embody sustainable, ethical ways of relating to horses, to our own needs, and to the environment as a whole. This is an opportunity to join the intimate dance of life going on all around us, and gain access to instinct, intuition, and the confidence to follow our unique path.

This is an invitation to reconnect with your instinctive intelligence.  To come to know yourself in relation to the world you inhabit, rather than separate, or apart from. You are meant to experience life, to experience what it means to be in a relationship, not sit on the sidelines and theorize, or passively observe.

What Tango with Horses seeks to awaken within you is what is known as biophilia. Biophilia is defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings. This way of being in the world bridges the gap between the natural and spiritual worlds and science. It is a holistic way of being that supports cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being.

As you develop your capacity to connect to yourself and the world around you, you become an engaging, calm, adaptable, trustworthy partner for your horse.


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Our teaching format is in the form of Gatherings where the three of us teach together and independently on the current topic of focus. 

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For me personally, the Tango community offers a safe place to explore the connection to all of life. It is a joy for me to collaborate with these two wise and powerful women who share the vision of bringing light and healing to our planet and all of life that lives upon her.