Since childhood, Diane has been in touch with her expanded senses, the “Clairs”. Clair means clear, so Clairvoyant is clear seeing, Claircognizance is clear knowing the “sixth sense”.

Diane met her first teacher in her mid-20s when she worked as a massage therapist. This first two-year program gave her the foundational skills of how to do this work and stay balanced. She has been a student ever since, working with her main spiritual teacher for the past 20-plus years, which keeps her on a cutting edge of growth and exploration. She brings her constantly expanding awareness and skill set to her work. Practicing as a professional clairvoyant reader is a passion, a life path, and an ongoing journey of personal evolution.


Diane lives in Boulder, Colorado. She spends time with her husband Paul hiking and camping. She also is blessed with her partner Star, a Spanish mustang mare of great heart and wisdom.

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"There are no words for the depth of Diane’s work. Clairvoyant Communication only touches the surface. I have had the blessing of her deep counsel for years for myself, my animals, and my loved ones. Diane goes beyond a ‘reading’ and offers a multi-dimensional snapshot of the many influences that come into play that are affecting a situation."
– Kim McElroy
International Equine Artist

Kim McElroy, International Equine Artist,