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My expanded awareness has been with me since childhood, primarily in my ability to see. Clair means clear, so Clairvoyance is clear seeing. Over the years as I have developed my skills all of my senses have evolved so I received information as a full body experience.

I met my first teacher in my mid-20s when I worked as a massage therapist. This first two-year program gave me the foundational skills of how to do this work and stay balanced. I have been a student ever since, working with my primary spiritual teachers Michael and Raphaelle Tamura for almost 30 years. This keeps me dancing with my cutting edge of growth and exploration. I bring my expanding awareness and skill set to my work. Practicing as a professional clairvoyant reader is a passion, a life path, and an ongoing journey of personal evolution.


I reside in Colorado where I enjoy hiking  and exploring trails with my partner Star, a Spanish mustang mare of great heart and wisdom.

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"There are no words for the depth of Diane’s work. Clairvoyant Communication only touches the surface. I have had the blessing of her deep counsel for years for myself, my animals, and my loved ones. Diane goes beyond a ‘reading’ and offers a multi-dimensional snapshot of the many influences that come into play that are affecting a situation."
– Kim McElroy
International Equine Artist

Kim McElroy, International Equine Artist,

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