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Diane's Intuitive Endeavors


Interspecies Evolution™ Podcast

Awareness in Motion with Diane Barrett

January 10, 2023

If you're a bodyworker, animal communicator, energy worker, chiropractor, or hands-on healer you NEED to listen to this podcast!

Tango with Horses

Andrea Datz, the founder of Tango, Kim Walnes, and I co-host a vibrant, free, and expanding online community. The focus is on our relationships with horses as that is our shared passion. What we offer is exploring a way of connecting with your horse, which becomes a path to self-awareness and growth on every level.

This Link will take you to the information and an invitation to join Tango With Horses Online


Interspecies Evolution Podcast

Ginny Jablonski is a worldwide known animal communicator. I join a lineup of wonderful people supporting interspecies partnerships and communication. Interest is high and I look forward to contributing to this evolution in awareness. 




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