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Diane is a guide and teacher for the people she works with helping them find their clarity and truth. She supports you in your personal empowerment thru developing your own intuitive skills thus bringing to your awareness the perspective of spirit, and then teaching tools that support how to live that in your daily life.


Diane uses her skills to see the different aspects of you as spirit in a body; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She offers a new perspective on the information that comes from you as spirit relating to the challenges, growth and opportunities in your life. Topics can include relationships, health, and prosperity as well as looking at aspects of you as spirit such as soul purpose, soul agreements and other life times. Diane also communicates with Souls who have passed to support healing and closure in those relationships.

Diane’s skill as a healer is often called upon in a session, always with your permission. A healing can be a great resource in times of challenge and transition as well as supporting your ongoing journey. Healings clear out the unwanted energies of others and old energies and outdated beliefs of yours. The abundant flow of life force energy is restored bringing balance and more room for you to be!

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As a teacher, Diane assists you in developing your own skills so that you can access your own intuitive knowledge and spiritual truth. These tools help you to stay present and grounded in daily life and are the foundation of working with the energies of the body so it can stay in alignment with you as spirit. This helps you to work with your growth periods while staying present with ease and grace.


For Diane, her work as an Intuitive is a rewarding and fulfilling aspect of her soul purpose.

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Sessions are by appointment. Each session is recorded and you are provided with an MP3 file.

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