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With over 35 years of experience, Diane has many skills to draw upon for your session. Her intention is to support you in gaining clarity and understanding of the current questions and challenges you may be facing.  Diane works with a combination of reading, which is gathering information, and teaching you tools to support your own intuitive knowing to feel better equipped to move forward through your unique opportunities for growth. Truly even the hardest of life's events have so much to teach each of us. 


Diane's training, which is in the style of the Berkeley Psychic Institute, began in her mid 20’s when she met her first teacher. That foundational 2-year program gave Diane the ability to focus and expand her natural skills, and stay balanced in her body and life at the same time! 


The animal communication part of Diane's work came later when she moved back to Colorado in 2004. She fulfilled a lifelong dream and partnered with her first horse Binder. Shortly after that, the horses at the barn started showing up asking Diane to facilitate conversations with their respective humans. Supporting relationships between animals and people has become a large part of Diane's work. 


Session information

Sessions run for one hour. 

The session fee is $175

Payment is through Paypal or Zelle

An audio recording of the session is provided.


Contact Diane and she will give you a call to set up a time. If you are wanting animal communication it is preferable to choose a time when you can be with your animal. Diane will request a picture of your animal, as she goes in ahead of time and lets them know what is being set up so they can prepare as well. 


It was actually a horse that taught Diane this lesson in her early days!


“I was helping my trainer do a clinic at a local horse rescue years ago. The week leading up to the clinic a sorrel mare made contact with me for some help. On the day of the clinic, the mare was in a round pen and I recognized her right away. I was shocked as when she saw me she charged the fence with her ears pinned. When I asked her what was happening she shared that I had totally freaked her out, as she had no idea I was in a body. I apologized and came back several times over the day to support her through that shock and to thank her for the lesson. We ended the day with a peaceful connection.

So now, even with remote sessions, I always honor the sentient being of the individual animal and introduce myself. I show them I am in a body, what I can facilitate, and that a session has been set up. I find this initial introduction deepens the actual  session and builds the foundation of communication and respect before we even begin.”

  • Expanding awareness in the personal journey of spiritual evolution, gr...

    1 hr

    175 US dollars
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